25 septembre 2008

Fasho, i just hella love sidekicks <33

sidekick_lx_zebra_by_maddielikesshoesWhat the hell, why Sidekicks don't work here?! I wish it could, coz i hella like SK! even if it's kinda expensive, when you afford to get one, you just can't resist! In US everyone has one: SK3, LX, SLIDE. They're all amazing. Especially you can decorate it as you like w/ cases and tatoos. (: I remember mine, friends were like " wtf that thing is?" hahah certainely jealous. =O

Anyways, teachers gave to us our grades from our last tests-I got super grades! YAY - Mathematics: 14/20, economic essay: 15/20, Politic essay: 16/20, Social project about Sarah Palin: 14/20, English:20/20 and 10/10, Spanish: 20/20 and 14/20. I know i'm smarter that you! But it's alright! ;)

1 month before Alexandra is coming at home! My plans are done, i'm so looking forward to seeing her again, foweal! And September 2nd, i'm coming to NEW YORK CITY and RALEIGH with a few friends: Stephanie, Julie, Clement, Marine, Margaux, Maxime, Alexis, Marie, Aurore and Segolène. EXTRA THRILLING!

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